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Thanks so much @deelame for letting me do this on you and wanting to get it done :) #tattoo #proink #art
Made @hossome ‘s dreams come true today with a Pigpen tattoo and some Banksy art! Thanks for coming in!




Press TV’s Gaza correspondent breaks down while covering Israeli killing of Palestinian children

Gaza is receiving no international aide as they are being slaughtered by Israel. Egypt has closed off it’s borders, won’t even extract medically injured persons or deliver medical supplies. Only let in Gazans with foreign passports. Civilians, kids, women, doctors, paramedics, are being murdered. my heart is so heavy and even though I am far from well off just living on American soil makes me feel so guilty rn. what a horrendous account of human rights violations occurring, and just look at those in power silently watching.

This is important.
What is happening is unacceptable. Please continue to spread information.

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