How weak.

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21. April 2014

I don’t get how anyone ever wakes up okay with everything or even anything at all for that matter. 


Cowboy Bebop Episode 8 “Waltz for Venus” (1998)

Hopefully going to do a Cowboy Bebop tattoo today!

The kid with the penis tattoo on his chest…

12. April 2014

was too poor to come in and get it covered up today. lol. 

La Dispute tomorrow in Philadelphia with Pianos Become Teeth! Anyone else happen to be going?!
Well there it is! I enjoy it and can’t wait to keep working on it. Like I said first tattoo I’ve done and it was on my thigh and upside down.

Just tattoo’d myself…

8. April 2014

It was fun as shit and super challenging A) because I have never fucking tattoo’d before and B) It was on my thigh and it’s real awkward trying to tattoo effectively on anything but the very top portion closer to your knee. The farther you go up the more you have to lean back and hold your leg up an tattoo at a strange angle. Is it amazing? No. Am I proud of it? Fuck Yeah! Can’t wait to finish it, but I’ll post pictures in about an hour when I can take the wrap off.